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As an experienced and certified personal fitness trainer, I offer one-on-one and small group personal training sessions across the metro area of Denver, Colorado. I also coach and consult with people outside of the Denver area via phone and the Internet. My personal training is the direct response to people’s needs. If you really appreciate quality and you are looking for results, then my services are for you.

I will help you with all areas of fitness, including weight/fat loss, body sculpting, core conditioning, nutrition, muscle and strength gain, athletic performance, postural correction, cardio conditioning, and more! I offer ability, health, and experience based programs customized for individuals.

My specialty in personal fitness training is creating safe and dynamic resistance training routines which maintain both an elevated heart rate and fatigue the muscles, resulting in a dual cardio and strength training workout. However, there is nothing “routine” about my workouts.

One of my philosophies is to have you never do the same workout twice in personal training sessions. That way you will not get bored, you don’t get repetitive stress injuries, and your body can not adapt to a routine – so you have to keep improving to keep up.

Whatever your training needs, I’m ready to help you get going on your path to better fitness and well being. I am a freelance personal trainer, training clients in gyms, homes, parks, and anywhere else my clients and I choose to train.

Personal Training Fees range from $40 to $75 per session, depending on your program involvement. A membership fee may apply, depending on where we train.

Call me at 720-366-5562 or send an email for a FREE no hassle, no obligation consultation right away!

I’m very creative in designing customized programs to suite you as an individual. Let’s work out a plan that works for YOU and transform your body into what you want it to be! You have nothing to lose but body fat!

Read what my clients have to say about training with me:

Hello All….My name is Meghan and I am a client of Mark’s. I started at a size 12 and trained with him for 3 months and ended up a size 6. Thats no joke!!! I saw Mark 3 days a week and he helped me with nutrition and working out on my own too. He was absolutley a vital part of my transformation! He is the BEST personal trainer I have ever worked with. Professional, courteous, knowledgeable and fun!!!! So if you are thinking about losing some weight or changing your life he is the GUY to help! Thanks all for listening…..Meghan McNamara

I have lost 44.5 lbs, over 20″ and have gone from a size 16 to a size 6.  I have done this under the direction and guidance of personal trainer Mark Mueller.  That guidance included a personalized exercise program – of which I have always truly loved. He never gives me the same workout and it’s always challenging. The other more important thing is that early on he wanted me to commit to learning better nutritional habits. That one has been the hardest.  Until he started working with me on this, I thought the best way to lose weight was to not eat.  Wow!  Was I so wrong!  I love it when people ask me how I did it and I can reply that I did it by eating regular, healthy meals.  Toss the mythology and listen to the counsel of trained experts – Mr. Mueller in particular.   And then it works!  – Linda Hughes

Mark Mueller
Certified Personal Fitness Trainer
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