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What type of milk should you drink?

  1. Hi Mark,
    Just wondering about cow milk: I’ve heard that it isn’t really healthy because cow milk is meant for cows, and not humans. Any truth to that?

  2. Hi, Simon! Good to hear from you. This is one of the biggest debates in nutrition, fueled by big money on both sides of the issue. When I look at where the info comes from that I read, at the end of the day, I have to side with cow milk not being so healthy as rice or almond milk, or even goat milk. Money motives considered, the studies and concerns about cow milk are overwhelming; from diabetes, to allergies, to prostate problems, to bioactive hormones, to forms of cancer, to animal rights issues, and the list goes on. The only issue I can see with rice milk is that it’s high glycemic, but so is skim and low fat cow milk. Also, humans are the only animals on earth that drink breast milk of any kind, let alone outside our species, beyond two years of age.

  3. I’m 100% confused , because I thought that the milk is health for the lungs for preventing osteoporisis and for previnting cancer colon , I want to know what type of milk is healthy for the health !! thanks for his paciencie

    sincerely Rosa

  4. Hi Mark- I TOTALLY agree with everything you said about Soy-it is the one of the biggest myths-that soy is good, and so many people are incorporating into their diets. Especially in milk form. I have a whole research paper on the dangers of giving soy milk formula to babies. On that note, I would have to go with the Rice Milk. Almond milk never ‘tests’ well in my business for some reason (maybe because of almonds being a highly sensitized food-not sure). I am not very positive about dairy, or cow’s milk either. Causes too much mucus buildup in the body, and since there are so many people who have adversities or allergies to dairy (and probably don’t know it), drinking regular milk may ROB them of their calcium (I think I will do my next newsletter on this subject – it eye-opening!!). I will let you know when I do the newsletter (it’s now linked to my current blog – click on the Newsletter image on the left and it will take you right too it!)
    GREAT article!!!!! Loved your response to Simon too!

  5. Thanks for your comment, Rosa. I’ll write my next post in response to this comment as there is much to say about it.

  6. I have never tried Rice Milk, but I do use Almond Milk in my protein shakes and I like it, I’ve never drank it straight however. I’m not a big milk fan, but I do like Organic Milk for some reason, so when I drink it that’s usually what I drink.