Personal Trainer Denver CO – Stop The Madness! — 2 Comments

  1. Mark, there is no quick fixes to maintaining proper body weight and health. You are so right about all the short cuts that are marketed to us. excercise in a box or microwave does not work never has. People should get in tune witheir natural state like you said and Linda also stated. Medical Industry and the Money side of the Wellness industry will always come up with new packages and new operations all which cost alot of money when proper diet, exercise and good self control on Lifestyle choices wil get much better results.

    Hey thanks for the tip on your HG supplement , I was impressed with what I read and think it is a good supplement. I wish you well with that project.
    Nice to meet you and take care keepup your good work with all your clients.

    silentrunning 09 Raymond

  2. It’s sad how Americans have mentally brainwashed into believing in a quick fix for EVERYTHING in their lives. Oh look at how fat i am….DOCTOR, “fix me now” oooh i’m in debt. GOVERNMENT, “Fix it now” What ever happened to the American work ethic that our parents and gradparents taught us? When are we going take RESPONSIBILTY for every aspect of our lives? Save your money! Work hard! Continually educate yourself to remain competative! Become involved in your community, from the local softball team all the way up to local government. GET BUSY AMERICA!