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What’s your excuse for not doing resistance training?

  1. Right on! I remember being terrified of going into the weight room the first…. 20 times. But with your guidance, I was able to learn how to do the things that the men were doing and now I am not so afraid. I also remember I was reluctant to do anything other than cardio because the weights just flat out scared me. Some of those exercises still do… remeber the skull crusher? As I get stronger I get less intimidated.

    It is like everything you do in life, if you get experience with it, it gets easier. And I love my muscle tone! Thank you for showing me how to get it.

  2. I like this post quite a bit. Wouldn’t presume to tell you to add anything to it, but I think a lot of people also just don’t understand that getting ‘bulky’ and huge muscles, isn’t really something that you’ll do on accident! It’s not an easy thing to build and maintain large mass!

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  4. Hey, Sean, thanks for the comment! I agree completey. I work hard to maintain every once of my muscle mass and it only gets harder as I move further and further from age 30. There are actually a lot of people who don’t realize how difficult it is to build muscle mass and that it takes a specific type of training.

  5. re: Reason #4 – I’m surprised you didn’t mention anything about resistance training leading to a loss of, er…, “cup size”.

  6. Interesting point of view. Wondering what you think of its implication on society as a whole though? People obviously get frustrated when it begins to affect them locally. I will be back soon and follow up with a response.

  7. American society as a whole is fat! So, the implications of this on society as a whole is that if more people follow these and similar guidelines that I offer, the epidemic, that is obesity, can be eliminated along with the immense weight it has on the scale of our nation’s medical expenses. Obesity is the number one cause of illness in America!