Personal Trainer Denver CO Tip of the Week: If You Don’t Like an Exercise, JUST DO IT! — 2 Comments

  1. Hello. I love the give-it-all-you-got attitude but I have one hesitation; that is, if I have an injury or some medical concern, I feel this would be a bad thing to tell a client. For me, I am looking for teachers/trainers who will respect me when I say NO!. I have bad knees. My mom had both knees replaced. I understand trainers LOVE squats and lunges, but for me? NO. At this time, they are not an option. So, my question is whether your trainer will be flexible and truly listen and help me find alternatives until I am actually able to do something? I know trainers have to push you but some people respond more by small steps and gentle persuasion with trouble-shooting.

  2. Avoiding an exercise for the discomfort of it due to it’s challenge to your psyche is one thing. Avoiding an exercise due to high risk of injury is quite another. ALWAYS listen to your body and respond appropriately. Safety should always take priority or you may negate your efforts. Everyone has different limits and should have them respected. Be patient with those knees, don’t get discouraged, and KEEP AT IT! There are plenty of alternatives to lunges and squats.