About Me, Mark Mueller, Personal Trainer Denver CO
Personal Trainer Denver Colorado, Mark MuellerHello and thank you for visiting!I am Mark Mueller, freelance Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, serving the metro area of Denver, Colorado. As your personal trainer, I will help you to:

  • Be accountable and stay on track for results.
  • Learn safe and effective exercises.
  • Know what foods to eat throughout the day.
  • Create a customized program to ensure maximum results for you.
  • Have fun doing it!

I have been a dedicated student and mentor of fitness and nutrition for over two decades. In this time I have lead Marines in physical conditioning as a squad leader in the United States Marine Corps, earned black belt rank in two martial arts systems and practiced three others, and volunteered as an instructor to children and adults. I’m endlessly learning about all things health and fitness and how to apply my knowledge in support of others.

People are my passion. I like to find out why people are motivated to work toward a better quality of life. My strength is finding this motivation and turning it into results for you.

The purpose of my blogging is to engage with people, answering questions, sharing knowledge, and learning about YOU too. You are welcome to post questions to my blog and let me know how I can further assist you. Feel free to contact me as well.

For those interested in training with me, check out my Personal Training Services page and let’s get together for a free consultation. You have nothing to lose but body fat!

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